Our Approach

With a special focus on public relations and marketing, Indian Ink Publishing is committed to producing books that are high quality, well distributed, and marketable.

We understand that promotion isn't easy. By placing an emphasis on publicity and marketing through creative traditional and digital strategies, Indian Ink Publishing is able to partner with our authors to place their books in the hands of passionate readers.

We understand that sometimes books are indeed judged by their covers. This is why we believe in publishing books that are beautiful both inside and out. We are excited about producing quality books that readers will be talking about with their family, friends, and even strangers.

Our Story

Indian Ink is a woman-of-colour led, independent publisher that offers a platform to all authors, particularly those voices that have beenĀ  historically and systemically underrepresented.

Indian Ink was born out of a passion for literature and a desire to provide a rich storytelling experience to every reader. We are driven to take readers out of their own personal experience and to get comfortable with sharing the lives of the characters on the page.

As a publisher, we have a responsibility to produce beautiful and creative narratives that are inclusive and diverse in thought and experience. Our hope is that every reader will see themselves represented in our books.

Tell us your story...

Indian Ink Publishing is currently seeking completed literary fiction, trade fiction, and creative non-fiction manuscripts by emerging and established writers.